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Aug 9, 2009 8:30am EDT
. so, in india the bridal colors are red. we usually wear red, maroon, burgundy-- so they say that the bride's hand shouldn't show color of her skin. >> reporter: sunitha met her husband-to-be, ronjit sandhu, who is a sikh, at college eight years ago. >> the henna artists told me yesterday the darker the henna the more your husband and your in-laws love you. so my hands are dark, but not down here so much. >> reporter: the groom's mandate on the wedding night is to find his name hidden in the design. >> the night of the wedding, i'm supposed to find... i'm supposed to search for my name in the henna. and then if i can't find it, basically i'm not allowed to consummate our marriage. >> reporter: the next pre- marriage ritual, performed is the puja, where the bride's family's hindu pandit prays before a sacred fire. >> we pray to lord ganesha asking for his blessings, s s that everything goes very smoothly without any obstacles. >> reporter: when sunitha's parents married, not only were they required to be of the same faith, but they were expected to marry the person their parents chose.
Aug 9, 2009 10:00am EDT
will definitely have an impact. >> talk about rising competition from india and vietnam and parts of southeast asia, there are now planeloads of american executives arriving americans on the ground as they do not come. it is too expensive already pregnant inflation in vietnam is already 16%. and wages are rising very quickly not to mention that in fee and all the whole population and is smaller and on the much smaller scale. besides a lack of enforcement at this is a huge advantage. we're in an interesting and transitioned that we have the cluster is built up on the coast and now the world is looking for a place to bill lacklustre is where it is cheaper and become more efficient and you take any industry i think of bra industry is in crisis. she is wringing her hands and she does not aware she can source of bra. it is not for attribution but it is interesting to see where they will end up. will they end up in india or vietnam? might experience is it is not that much cheaper to go inland but logistics' are a much larger percentage of cost rages are not as cheap as people would hope an
Aug 9, 2009 6:30pm EDT
" of rain in some parts of southern taiwan. similar problems in india where they triggered landslides. it buried three remote villages. police and volunteers have been digging through tangled rock and tree branches trying to find victims. so far they have pulled 20 bodies from under that heavy debris. >>> now, the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate by weather rate and mars ace most radar. >> tough to deal with the hot whether we had but i guess we have had it coming. >> it's been a mild one so far. >> you think back to even thursday and friday it felt like a touch of autumn in the air. that's all gone. done deal. >> no autumn now. >> i don't even want to say the heat is on, the steam is on. you can cut it with a knife out there. 92 degrees the current temp. but feeling much hotter with that humidity which is basically oppressive and only going to be getting more so. and a wind not much of one to cool you off west at 9. severe weather pushing into the far north corner of the state right now, as a matter of fact pig time storm rolling into the elkton area, a coupl
Aug 9, 2009 9:00am EDT
country that is just in terrible shape, focused on india when they ought to be focused on the jihadists -- >> where do you see it headed? >> i see the united states desperately keeping it from just imploding into civil war. >> very reassuring, evan.  >> yeas are 68, nays are 31. >> the world's greatest deliberative body gives its consent to the first hispanic to serve on the nation's highest court, and the third woman. 31 of the 40 republicans voted no, including orrin hatch. >> such activity, judging with uncertainty and instability in the law, and the result is an activist judicial philosophy that i cannot support, and that the american people rejected. >> if you voted for her, the national rifle association threatens to get your free if you voted against her, you could set yourself up for trouble with hispanic voters. >> john mccain was the biggest surprise to me. when lindsey graham, the senator closest to him on the judiciary committee, came out for her. there were only nine republicans who voted for justice sotomayor. four of them are retiring. i think that in itself
Aug 9, 2009 7:00am EDT
india made the move towards bin laden, if he is still alive. another question, perhaps we are already monitoring bin laden? perhaps our intelligence has him on the phone all the time? could that be possible? guest: i wish it were, but it would speak to some kind of nefarious plot. if he were on the phone and we have not killed him. if we are listening to him on the phone we can geo-locate him and he would be yesterday's news. so, i seriously doubt we're listening to him. secondly, part of the problem we have in afghanistan is we have already allowed a large indian presence, both economically, and they are doing a lot of construction with people dressed as civilians but who are really military engineers. people in the u.s. do not realize the degree of paranoia between two nuclear-armed countries, pakistan and india. to allow an indian military forces into pakistan would turn the pakistan knees entirely away from us. -- the pakistanis away from us. it is interesting as an idea, but in the long run would be disastrous. host: you said that one of the problems is that many indians
Aug 9, 2009 6:00pm EDT
. torrential rains are also causing havoc in india. at least 43 people were killed in landslides in three remote villages in the himalayan foothi foothills. the region has become prone to such disaster because of the >>> as so many children repair for a new school year, are they already a step behind? why some stay students shouldn't have taken a summer off. >>> and 40 years after the manson murders, should two now be set free? >>> and then later here, so much for that saying "if you sneeze, ighte thtoe way to get ahead at work. how about a swim? i'm a little irregular today. don't you eat activia? for my little issues? they')re not that bad. summer' no time to put up with even occasional digestive problems. believe me, once they go away, it's mazing howtgood yo. announcer: activia is clinically proven to help regulate your digestive system in two weeks. summer' a wastin')... takeit works, or it's ♪ activia so, what's the problem? these are hot. we're shipping 'em everywhere. but we can't predict our shipping costs. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's t
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Aug 9, 2009 7:00pm EDT
in the raging flood waters, many areas reporting more than 80 inches of rain. >> india aa land slide triggered by heavy rains and leaving 43 people dead. police officials say three remote villages are buried. locals are dig through mud and rock look for those missing. extensive deportations left the region prone to land slide. new zealand. a church packed remembering those lost and wednesday in the ferry disaster. princess ferry sank with 149 people on board and 54 of them survived. police are investigating whether anyone could be criminally liable. >> iraq, sign of improvement as removal of protective blast walls on baghdad found on every street in the city. they separated closely knit neighborhood and now they are iconic simols of war and symbols that many are ready to put behind them. that's the wrap on fox's trip around the world in 80 seconds. back it israel a deadly shoot nothing a gay and lesbian youth center, and now the investigation where it stands. ria ninan has the latest. >> police are searching for a suspect and they will not reveal what the moist was for the attack. >>
Aug 9, 2009 2:00pm EDT
india after a massive landslide slammed over three villages decimating two. at least 15 bodies have been pulled from the debris and many were swept into the river. weeks of heavy rain triggered these mudslides. >>> felicia is yow downgraded to a tropical storm but heading toward hawaii. >> fredricka, we have some concerns there for the hawaiian islands, especially for you traveling, whether you're going the airways, delays over the next couple of days. if you're heading to the beach, that could be problematic as the waves ahead of this system are already pounding the hawaiian coast. a lot of the beaches have been closed down for this afternoon. felicia is a tropical storm now. this was once a formidable hurricane, a category 4 at one time. it's great it's weakening and we think tm continue to do that. we have strong winds here, so wind shear is breaking down the storm a little bit as well. the farther west is goes, the cooler the water temperatures are. they're a little marginal to support a system like this. we think you'll feel the impacts in addition to the waves, some heavy rain
Aug 9, 2009 10:00am EDT
the most innovative medicine is being done, it's being done in india, and an awful lot of the doctors doing it were educated here. >> but does the president have to look beyond the rich for taxes? >> well, yeah. there's just -- the middle class bears the real burden here. that's why the middle class is getting hurt. and what you keep hearing, i take the subway in the morning, and people, everybody talks about what their complaints are. it's new york. and paying taxes is something nobody likes. now, they like the services that taxes pay for, but you have to have the burden -- everybody's going to have to sacrifice, everybody's going to have to reach in their pocket if we're going to have a city and country of the future. >> does he have to reconsider that promise not to raise taxes on the middle class? >> i think we'll see down the road. in the end, the president has to deal with the reality, and some of the things are beyond his control. he makes commitments, and he tries to live up to them, and i think the courage of being able to say, look, the world is different than what i anticip
Aug 9, 2009 6:15am EDT
have in india and brazil and all these other countries that develop mentally 30 years ago were on a par with the countries they are in now. but they know in the arab world that they have slipped farther and farther behind. so the desire to join the rest of the world, be part of this global trend, i think is a very powerful tool. >> thank you. are there other questions or comments? there is one here and in one in the back. >> i am from east africa. i originally am from somebody. i want to share a grievance, from the last two months which gives me some kind of glimpse of hope in the region now we are talking about. what was the launch for the center and training for human rights in doha are. we had commissioner just launch it. and it was a ceremony which i attend. i found activist, and i hope, i say this, for the future. activists from doha are, from kuwait, there was none at all, women began, and some of them come in and speaking of freely because it largely focus on democracy. someone training. but highlighting, pointing out the difficulty and now we're talking about the other count
Aug 8, 2009 10:00pm EDT
india by in a huge fan but he has done but there's differently and incident their facebook needed to deal with and that is part of the story. by the way this is secret. this is by the way we don't have a book right now or i don't have a book right now because the stories have never been told before and it is amazing to have gotten access. >> host: and there's another public official in the book, larry summers. >> guest: larry summers was president of harvard when this went down. so the twins when they decided they had been stolen from, their idea was stolen, they believe strongly in justice and hierarchy because the hierarchy served them well. they are members of the olympic team could be leaders in the american system said they decided the president of harvard should make this decision who came up with facebook so they used all connections and got an audience with the president, larry summers and brought in well-documented piece of paper and handed it to larry summers and said you need to do something about mark zuckerman and he held a piece of paper like it was a piece of crap a
Aug 8, 2009 11:00pm EDT
compete with china and india in the next generation. the decisions that we're making this year, next year, the year after are unbelievably important. your help this summer in making sure that everyone you know calls your congressman and your senators to tell them not to pass a giant energy tax that will crush the economy and not to pass a giant government-run health program that will crush the economy, this summer you have a chance to help change history. your help over the next year in winning the argument on your campus, winning the argument on talk radio, winning the argument in letters to the the editor, going to town hall meetings, arranging for debates on key topics, setting the stage for a 2010 election which sends a signal we want america to get back on the right track. and then through that, setting the stage for the 2012 election where we end up having once again, as with jimmy carter, ensure that liberalism is a one-term experience. i think that's the key to us being successful over the next generation. let me, if i could, take questions. [applause] >> yes, ma'am? >> hi, my nam
Aug 9, 2009 1:00pm EDT
-- web-based programs around the world like africa and india, to train professionals. comprehensive coverage and professionals is going to be absolutely key. we will get kids on the right trajectory, and we will look step-by-step throughout the life span how we can continue to support people with autism to become the most productive citizens they can. >> is a very interesting and helpful analysis of some of the options we should seriously consider. you were seeking recognition, and i wanted to call on the next. >> the task force looked at this in mississippi extensively because of our financial system -- financial situation. it is already a program that is out there federally. it needs to now include behavioral services, because many of these children are starting to be identified very early. i can speak to the success of that. as we were in san antonio this summer, i met a precious child named catalina. they began behavioral therapy after a year. the child is 4 years old now and is absolutely amazing. senators, u.s. never recognized that she was a child on the spectrum. -- senators
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)